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EPI yoghurtpoeders

Did you know that the word yoghurt comes from the Turkish yoğurt , meaning ‘to knead’ and ‘thick’? Fermentation of lactic acid bacteria turns liquid milk into a thick, sour substance. These lactic acid bacteria stay in the yoghurt, which is why the product is praised for its probiotic benefits.

Yoghurt powder

Yoghurt is eaten for breakfast or as a dessert. Currently, yoghurt is also used more and more as an ingredient in various other food products. As a coating on a protein bar, or in cake and ice cream products for example. Yoghurt powder is often used for this purpose because it is easy to process and has a longer shelf life than fresh yoghurt.

In partnership with our supplier EPI Ingredients, we offer EPILAC, a range of yoghurt powders. These yoghurt powders can be offered with or without living bacteria. Our EPILAC powders are perfect for preparing e.g. a yoghurt filling, cheesecake or frozen yoghurt and are used in the following applications: ice cream, bakeries, sports diets and baby food.

Lactic acid bacteria

With yoghurt powder, you may benefit from the wellness image of yoghurt! We see this more and more now in e.g. the sports diet segment. EPI offers a range of yoghurt powder from yoghurt powders with a minimum number of living lactic acid bacteria (following the French regulation) to fermented milk powders with a limited number of living lactic acid bacteria.

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