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Natural food colouring for ice cream

The history of ice cream can be traced all the way back to the Romans. A mixture of snow, honey, rose water and fruit was a precursor to what we now call ice cream. By now, this snow mixture has undergone a whole revolution, but in many places, shaved ice is still wildly popular. This often entails a mix of shaved ice, condensed milk, fruit and syrup.

World-class ice cream

South Korea has an ice cream dessert called patbingsu, with a topping of sweet azuki beans. In Italy, there is granita: a mixture of water and flavourings that is scraped with a fork during the freezing process, producing tiny ice crystals. A dessert called a snowball is eaten a lot in Hawaii. That is shaved ice with syrup that is absorbed by the ice. The result is ice cream with different bright colours. You can easily experiment with the recipe for snowballs. Instead of standard syrup, you can just add another type of liquid. So why not add a nice cocktail to shaved ice?

Natural colours and flavours

In the Netherlands and Belgium, we prefer popsicles on a handy wooden stick. Here, too, there are endless options for the colour and flavour experience. For example, more and more often we see flavours of alcoholic beverages incorporated in ice cream. On a sunny day, you no longer drink a regular cocktail – you get refreshing ice cream with a cocktail flavour in a fun colour.

We have worked with Plant-Ex Ingredients Ltd to develop various cocktail flavours and natural colourings that go perfectly with this trend. Plant-Ex Ingredients Ltd produces flavours, extracts and colourings. We would be happy to discuss what best suits your ice cream needs.

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