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Natural preservation

How can I reduce the E numbers in my fish or meat product, while still guaranteeing food safety?

Plant-Ex has a product line, the so-called ‘Food Protection Systems’. This product line consists of: natural antioxidants, natural anti-microbial agents, natural volume and flavour enhancers and texturizers. The goal of this product line is to create natural antioxidants and preservatives that are most suitable for clean labels.

Adding natural antimicrobials

Oxidation is common in meat products, some signs are visual, but there will be other signs that we cannot see such as bad taste, unpleasant odours and nutritional losses such as decomposition of vitamins or minerals. Plant-Ex has several natural antioxidants that protect against or slow down the oxidation process, such as rosemary extract, ascorbic acid (from Acerola) or, for example, olive extract.

Meat products are particularly susceptible to microbial growth and foodborne pathogens. Microbial growth changes the characteristics of meat products, this is called food spoilage. Foodborne pathogens can cause illness, sometimes leading to death. The pH (acidity) of the meat product plays an important role in the chance of spoilage and the living environment for pathogens. By adding natural antimicrobials and preservatives, the pH values ​​of the product can be effectively changed. Examples of such antimicrobial substances that Plant-Ex has in its portfolio are: grape seed extract, citric acid and sodium citrate.

Plant ex also has so-called synergistic blends that simultaneously combat the problem of rancidity and microbial growth by combining the antioxidant and antimicrobial ingredients.

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