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Paint it carbon black!

For several years, Will & Co has represented the company Black Diamond Material Science Co., a leading Chinese carbon black pigment producer. Black Diamond develops and manufactures a wide range of carbon black pigments for use in coatings, inks, rubbers and plastics. In addition to the regular use of carbon black pigments, Black Diamond also supplies special carbon black pigments, like high jetness, a superconducting and an environmentally friendly variant.

Carbon black properties

The following parameters generally determine the properties of carbon black:
– The specific surface area
– The oil absorption number
– Surface activity

As shown in the figure below, the specific surface area and oil absorption number roughly determine the application for which it can be used.

Vertical Specific Area Chart and Horizontal Diamond Black Paint

With the specific surface area and the oil absorption number of carbon black, the influence of the Black Diamond product on the added materials is selected.

Vertical Specific Area Chart and Horizontal Diamond Black Paint

The chart above shows that if you choose carbon black with a high specific surface area, to achieve a deep blackness and colour force, the dispersion is more difficult and the amount of carbon black should be reduced in the formulation. Otherwise, viscosity increases too much. If you want to add a lot of carbon black to the formulation, not for the colour, but for other good properties of carbon black, then carbon black with a low oil absorption number and moderately specific surface area is a good choice.

High-end applications

Pigment carbon black is essential for the coatings, ink and plastics industries in high-end applications, such as the automotive industry and industrial coatings. Black Diamond also offers some very special pigments, for example, deep black pigments with a very high jetness (JetBlack 20). BeaBlack SCT is a superconducting pigment for use in rubber, plastics and anti-static material. Also, we offer an environmentally friendly version in a black pigment, the BeBlack®FD09. This pigment is suitable for industrial coatings, colour pastes, printer inks and masterbatches.

Contact us

If you are looking for carbon black pigments for new applications and/or as an alternative to existing third-party carbon black pigments, please let us know, and we advise you and make samples available for testing. Please contact our product managers Bert Broek or Stefan Willems.