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Turn your creative idea into reality with pearlescent pigments

Established in 2003, as a professional Pearlescent Pigments manufacture, Pritty Pearlescent Pigments Co., Ltd. follows the mission of making the world Pretty with pearl’s elegance and charm.

Pearlescent pigments

Pritty supplies pearlescent pigments widely used in inks, decorating paints, plastics, seed coatings, cosmetics, wallpaper, automotive paints, textile and leather etc. Besides providing traditional used pearlescent pigments, Pritty has been focusing on developing unique products. For example, Gold Rush, a 24K effect royal gold family or Alucopearl, an FDA complied silver-grey family and Corinthium, a bronze powder substitution family, as well as specially treated pearls for powder coating and masterbatch industry.

Extremely strong UV

Another strong pigment product is Pritty Nacrium Mica pigments. These pigments are processed with special chrome-free surface treatment for extremely strong UV and moisture resistance for exterior applications such as:
• Automotive paint
• Car refinishing paint
• Powder coating
• Coil coating

To test the Nacrium Mica Pigments to the limit, it has passed Q-U-V 2000 hours test and as well as six years inland weather test in Miami, strictly controlled quality consistency. The reports are available on request.

Contact us

If you are looking for carbon black pigments for new applications and/or as an alternative to existing third-party carbon black pigments, please let us know, and we advise you and make samples available for testing. Please contact our product managers Bert Broek or Stefan Willems.