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Skin Care

There is a trend in cosmetics to increasingly choose plant-based materials. Customers increasingly want to know what the origin is of the difficult-to-understand name on the product they put on their skin every day. Lactylate esters are fully plant-based ingredients which act as emulsifiers for both water in oil as oil in water emulsions.

Lactylate ester

Each lactylate ester has its own unique properties, Pationic 138C is a short-chain fatty acid ester (C10), which is an excellent foaming agent with antimicrobial properties, while Pationic ISL (branched C18) excels as a moisturizer and solubilizer due to its branched fatty acid tail. In many cases, lactylate esters perform equally to their sulfated analogues.

Skin’s natural moisturizing

Lactic acid and fatty acids are found in the skin’s natural moisturizing factor and with their mild properties and low eye sting, these lactylates are excellent ingredients of skincare, creams, oils, liquid soaps and suntan lotions.

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