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Replace engineering polymers with recycling compounds

The need to produce more environmentally friendly is increasing and hence the demand for more environmentally friendly raw materials. The Climate Agreement with the reduction of CO2 emissions also plays an important role in this.


Many of our daily used products are made from plastic, often high-quality materials with a variety of properties. However, in the production of these products, there are also disapproved products, injection sprues or products that cannot or should not be reprocessed directly in the process.

Aurora & sustainability

Aurora Kunststoffe GmbH collects these post-industrial waste streams from technical plastics processors in Europe. To ensure high, constant quality, Aurora collects its materials based on polymer, brand & type, then grinds, cleans and sorts in its factory and reprocesses them into high-quality regrinds and regranulates for the plastic processing industry. This means that a specific, recycled version of an already known brand and grade is possible. If desired, the regranulates can be upgraded with, for example, new glass fibres, impact modifier, flame retardants and/or UV stabilizers to create a compound on customers specification. Moreover, the use of these compounds and regranulates gives an immediate CO2 reduction.

Delivery program

In Aurora’s delivery program you will find the most commonly used thermoplastics such as PP, PE, PA6, PA66, POM, PC/ABS, PBT, PS, ASA and ABS. But also, more exotic thermoplastics like PA46, PA12, PPS, LCP and even PEEK. In addition, all these materials can be modified to your requirements with, for example:

  • Minerals, glass fibres and/or glass spheres
  • Heat stabilized
  • UV-stabilized
  • Antistatic
  • Impact modified
  • Carbon fibre
  • Flame retardants
    And many other combinations.

High-quality regranulates and compounds

With the Aurora materials, we offer our customers high-quality, possibly customer-specific regranulates and compounds that use up to 100% recycled industrial waste streams. A certified CO2 reduction is also possible. A reduction of up to 9 kg CO2 and two litres of oil per kg recycled material is possible. This concept of Aurora has already proven its success as Aurora has been supplying the plastic processing industry for many years. Their regranulates and compounds have been tested extensively and meet the standards of amongst others the electrical, furniture, construction and automotive industries, even to the very strict VOC standard for automotive interior applications.

In addition, these regranulates and compounds are produced as sustainably as possible and the industrial waste streams are efficiently reused.

In short, recycling and upcycling and if needed with a certified CO2 reduction, without having to make too many concessions to your product quality and production process.

Contact us

Please contact Larry de Kleine or Epco Blessing for more information.