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PTMEG soft & flexible

PTMEG is an aliphatic ether that is used as a soft and flexible component in polyurethane elastomers. This polyether polyol is chemically very stable and has a low toxicity. Different molecular weights are available. Polyether polyol has excellent hydrolytic stability and abrasion resistance. This PolyTHF functions as the flexible counterpart to more rigid polyurethane chains. PTMEG is used in (thermoplastic) polyurethane, polyurethane, polyester and polyamide elastomers. These materials are used in products such as coatings, adhesives, sealants, insulation, foam and footwear. Our PTMEG can be an alternative to TERATHANE® PTMEG.

Our PTMEG supply program

PTMEG 650 | PTMEG 1000 | PTMEG 2000 | PTMEG 3000 | PTMEG 3300 | PTMEG 3800 | PTMEG 4000 | PTMEG 4300 | PTMEG 4500

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For more information on this material and its availability, please contact our product managers Sjoerd van Aalderen or Stefan Willems.