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PVC can save lives

Many people are quite familiar with PVC (Polyvinylchloride) from its more common usage in flooring or wall coverings, which are large applications where Evonik’s plasticizers VESTINOL®9 & ELATUR®CH are used. VESTINOL®9 and ELATUR®CH are also used in applications like wire & cables, coated textiles, roofing membranes, truck covers, protective clothing, artificial leather, adhesives & sealants and toys.

Medical devices

Another very important application where PVC is used is in medical devices. Yes, PVC can save lives! Have you already donated blood this year and wondered what the individual blood bags & infusion tubes are made of? They are partly made of PVC because PVC is unbreakable. But also because PVC blood bags provides a shelf life of 42 days, significantly longer than non PVC bags. Plasticizers are an essential factor in the production of PVC medical devices or equipment for sterile rooms, in order to strengthen the performance and at the same time protect surfaces with their antibacterial properties. In a wide range of applications, PVC can be safely processed in various process stages.


The PVC medical industry value chain works hard to create the next generation of blood bags that can safely and securely use a different plasticizer than DEHP. DEHP-free PVC is already available for other medical applications. Together with our partner Evonik Industries AG, we deliver DEHP-free plasticizers for all your medical devices and we cooperate with you to create customized answers to difficult problems.

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