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Sauce: more than just an additive

Snack sauces have become increasingly important and diverse in recent years. If one has a glimpse at the sauces shelf in the supermarket a few years ago, you noticed at most six ketchup varieties. This is much different now. Each sauce has a further developed variety, to serve the culinary wish of each customer.


A good example where we can see this is the hamburger trend. Burgers are no longer “normal” burgers.
The sauces also have been adapted. The days of just common ketchup and/or mustard on a hamburger are gone.
For example, American sauces come into play, such as yellow, red and brown sauces. With the rise of pulled pork and spare ribs, barbecue sauce is becoming increasingly popular. Our supplier Plant-Ex responds to this trend and offers different flavourings for your sauces. Examples include Worcester sauce powder, soy sauce extract or smoke flavours. Anything is possible.

Vegan mayonnaise

Vegan mayonnaise has also become more common in the snack market. Many large snack manufacturers offer a vegan mayonnaise variant in Dutch and Belgian supermarkets. The egg yolk needs to be replaced with an ingredient that can replace this egg yolk’s emulsifying effect to get mayonnaise vegan. We have several ingredients that can substitute this functionality. For example, our supplier KMC has a modified starch that has been specially developed to replace the egg yolk functionality in “oil in water” substances such as mayonnaise or other “fatty” sauces.

Reduced fat content

For mayonnaise and dressings, there is an increase of interest for a reduced fat content. A common solution for this is the use of yoghurt in sauces and dressings. EPI Ingredients has developed special yoghurt powders, declared on the (clean) label as yoghurt. This can be ideal for use in sauces or a dressing.

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