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SF103, an E-number free hydrocolloid

Our supplier GPI has created a unique product that goes under the name: SF103. This product is a natural fibre derived from red seaweed , coming from GPI’s own seaweed farms in the Philippines. SF103 provides increased stability of the protein matrix during processing and thereby augmenting succulence and flavour for meat, fish or vegetarian/vegan products. This results in a stronger, more juicy taste.

Clean label

The product, SF103, did not receive an alkali or heat treatment during processing to preserve seaweed’s native morphology. SF103 has a neutral pH and generally a low water gel strength. However, despite the low water gel strength, it is good at augmenting texture, reduce syneresis and cooking loss in processed meat-, fish-, or vegetarian products. This product, SF103, is so unique that it is clean label proof , since it has no E-number. SF103 can be named on the label as, for example, seaweed extract or seaweed powder. Besides the benefit of being clean label proof, SF103 improves savoury sensations in your food, is a natural substitute for MSG and sodium reduction. The product is a natural umami booster that comes from a sustainable and all-natural source.

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Contact one of our Food Ingredients product managers for more information about SF103 or meat-, fish-, or vegetarian products.

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