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The Dutch kroket

Snacks, and in particular “frying snacks”, are an indispensable part of the Dutch food culture. In this written piece we would like to give some well-deserved attention to the croquette (Dutch: kroket). The croquette finds its origin in France (1705), but has over the years completely settled in the Dutch snack kitchen. Meat croquettes, in particular, are dominant in the Netherlands, but interest in varieties from chicken, vegetable proteins, fish or vegetables has grown.

Gelatin or starch

The meat croquette can actually be divided into 2 types: the pastry-cook croquette or the braised meat croquette. The pastry croquette has a whiter filling with clear cubes of meat. The braised meat croquette used to be a butcher’s product, where butchers used the trimmings of meat for the croquettes. The ragout of this also has a darker colour.

Gelatin is needed for the filling of both types of croquettes. We supply many snack producers in the Netherlands and are specialized in advising in the choice of the right gelatin type or flavouring for your product. In addition, we also have various starches, for example, to replace the gelatin product or for the coating of your snack. Think of various techniques that can keep your croquette crispy for longer, for example, for the food delivery industry.

Vegetable croquettes

You have also come to the right place for vegetable croquettes. We can advise you on how to make a vegetable ragout or, for example, offer the right textured protein for your vegetable pulled pork.

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