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The potato is a rising star

There are several reasons why the potato should be on top of mind for all of us who are concerned about securing a sustainable and healthy food supply for future generations. Potato starch is a rising star as a plant-based protein source. And it’s not just because suppliers of potato-based ingredients, like KMC, want to jump on the alternative protein bandwagon.

Potato starch

It has much more to do with the high quality of the protein itself. A look at the protein quality ranks shows that potato protein is remarkably close to whey protein, derived from cows milk and seen as the protein source with the most branched-chain amino acid (BCAA) profile. If the carbon footprint per kilogram of raw material or kilogram of protein is measured, it appears that the potato is a greater source of nutrition than any other plant-based foods.

Potato starch has gained a new perspective in recent years. Potato starch and plant-based innovation are basically match made in heaven. KMC has made several plant-based solutions with the help of the (modified) potato starch.

For example, cheese manufacturers no longer struggle to replace the texture-building and emulsifying properties of dairy proteins in vegan cheese. Speciality potato starches can fill the gap.

Eggfree mayonnaise

The rise of egg-free mayonnaise is another cause for celebration among vegan consumers. And again, a speciality starch made by KMC is the enabler for this by delivering the emulsifying functionality of egg yolk with a neutral taste.

The prospect of using both potato starch and potato protein in plant-based food formulations something to think about. And this is not just for the vegan food producer; it is applicable for any producing food company concerned about climate and health. KMC has a long tradition of researching how potato starch and proteins behave in many types of food products, making it an ideal business partner to work with while taking in your wish for a greener and more plant-based eating world.

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