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Will & Co BV and LCY Biosciences Inc. agree to distribute bio-based succinic acid in Europe

Will & Co BV and LCY Biosciences Inc. have announced that Will & Co will distribute certain bio-based products manufactured by LCYB using its proprietary yeast fermentation technology. This arrangement further expands both parties’ presence in the bio-based chemicals market across Europe.

Will & Co’s sales network provides existing and future customers with LCY Biosciences’ bio-based succinic acid.

Bio-based succinic acid (CAS 110-15-6 )is LCY Biosciences’ first product. Succinic acid is a component of many everyday products such as polyurethanes, paints and coatings, adhesives, sealants, artificial leathers, food and flavour additives, cosmetics and personal care products, biodegradable plastics, nylons, industrial lubricants, phthalate-free plasticizers, dyes & pigments and pharmaceutical compounds. Using LCYB’s bio-based succinic acid to manufacture these products means that the products will contain a renewable, green component.

Jacques van Lindonk, Will & Co’s Managing Director commented:

“The partnership with LCY Biosciences enables Will & Co to further expand the product portfolio with bio-based chemicals, proving our commitment to support and to invest in the transfer to a greener industry. LCYB has been successful in producing high quality bio-based succinic acid at its fermentation facility in Sarnia (Canada) and we are looking forward to introducing and marketing LCYB’s bio-based succinic acid and other products to our valued existing and prospective customers across Europe.”

William Radany, Ph.D., LCY Biosciences Inc.’s Chief Executive Officer commented:

“This is a fantastic opportunity for LCY Biosciences to launch its first product in Europe, and we are confident that with Will & Co’s distribution and marketing capabilities and their extensive customer network, our bio-based succinic acid product will be in high demand throughout Europe”.

Will & Co works closely with customers to ensure success with existing and new materials, products, and processes. The European market is invited to contact Will & Co for more information about LCYB’s biobased succinic acid.

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