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A business trip to Italy

Team Will & Co Food Ingredients has been on a business trip to Italy to meet their suppliers Italgel and Sacchetto.

A week after we returned from our visit to Plan-Ex in England, we traveled to Northern Italy with Will & Co Food Ingredients Benelux & Will Ingredients SAS France. We were also unable to go here due to the corona measurements in the past 2 years. But last 20th of April, the time had finally come! We started this visit in Alba, where our supplier Italgel is located.

Italgel has been one of the world’s leading producers of gelatin and hydrolyzed collagen for over 50 years. As of this year, Italgel has a new General Manager, Markus Lichtenfeld. The first day was mainly devoted to getting to know new employees from both parties, news from both sides and discussing future plans. After an intensive afternoon of meetings and brainstorming, the day ended at a beautiful Italian restaurant in the center of Alba.

The second day was devoted to product knowledge and a factory tour. Experienced employees of Italgel gave us beautiful presentations about the products of Italgel, so that our current knowledge was well brushed up. Afterwards we were given a tour of the new factory tower.

After visiting Italgel these 2 days, we drove on to Lagnasco, where our supplier Sacchetto is located. Sacchetto produces gluten, starch and proteins from wheat and rice products. Here too, after a long time, we were finally able to physically visit again and get to know the newer employees from our team. We also discussed the current situation and how we can help each other in these difficult times. This shows that a physical meeting is much more valuable than a digital meeting, which we have had to do a lot in the past 2 years.

We, the Will & Co Food Ingredients Team, are therefore very pleased that we had the opportunity to visit our suppliers again. It strengthens the bond and the way of meeting is nicer and more understandable. On Friday afternoon we returned home with good impressions and a lot of new information.

If you are also interested in more information about Italgel or Sacchetto products. Please let our product managers know or contact us via or one of our product managers Ela Reitsma, Niels Visschers, Rob Brem of Brigitte Versmissen.