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Biobased products

The road is open to products from renewable sources with functionality that has never been held possible. Large fluctuations in composition and lack of purity are now a thing of the past. This is due to (fermentation) techniques and the optimisation of purification methods.

With our extensive network of biobased suppliers, we are able to introduce these innovative solutions and continuously support their development. For example, we are working on making coatings & inks, cleaning products, additives and pharmaceutical products more sustainable.

Product Groups


The most commonly used water-based binder dispersions are based on acrylic resins nowadays. However, we are proud to offer an alternative based on a completely different technology, in which starch is the most important component. Using a hybrid system, our biobased products can contain up to 100% bio-renewable content while maintaining or improving performance.


Many of the solvents used today have a negative impact on human health and the environment. However, we are proud to present Cyrene™ (CAS 53716-82-8), a fully biodegradable alternative with an excellent toxicological profile and very interesting properties. Replacement of dubious polar aprotic solvents such as NMP (CAS 872-50-4), DMF and DMAC is therefore possible in a variety of applications.


With our knowledge of plastic mixing and injection moulding, we have developed compounds with high biobased content. In doing so, we have created the possibility to improve the properties with natural fillers. Contact us for more information about the possibilities for your application.

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