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Alojas Starkelsen: partner van Will Ingredients

Great news! Some time ago we entered into an exclusive partnership with Alojas Starkelsen for Will Ingredients Benelux.

Alojas is a producer of organic potato starch and protein concentrates, TVPs and flours made from brown beans, yellow peas and fava beans. These can be of both organic and conventional origin. What is remarkable about the products is that these are all locally sourced, all from the area of the Alojas factory.

Sustainability is a top priority for Alojas. For example, the plant currently only uses energy from renewabl sources and there are medium-term plans for the future to power the factory by self-generated energy . In addition, Alojas uses water from own wells and participates in research programs of local universities to measure and improve its sustainability goals.

But the key point regarding sustainability that Alojas is strong in, in our opinion, is the contribution they provide in our food transition to a more plant-based diet. The proteins are a perfect ingredient for your hybrid meat product and your vegetarian and/or vegan product. We do not only focus on meat replacement products, but also on sectors such as bakery, snacks or sauces. Think about mayonnaises with no eggs or plant protein flours for your bread mix.

Curious to hear more about the Alojas products? Please feel free to contact our product managers