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Personal Care

Personal Care products and cosmetics products must meet the highest quality requirements. This is only logical since people use them daily for the personal care of skin or hair, for example.

Will & Co offers a complete and specialist portfolio of ingredients, natural extracts and derivatives with the associated technical support. With this, unparalleled formulas can be developed that lead to products of the highest quality.

Product Groups


In the field of skincare, we offer a range of products for use in a variety of applications, ranging from ointments and creams to facial cleansers and soap. Important products are our very pure Aloe Vera gels, lactylate ester emulsifiers, lanolin wax and cosmetic active substances from natural extracts.

Hair care

In addition to our lactylate ester emulsifiers, which are used in shampoos and hair masks, we offer a range of cationic polymers for hair sprays and conditioners that ensure excellent wet combability, good handling, curl retention and hair-forming characteristics.


With our knowledge of plastic mixing and injection moulding, we have developed compounds with high biobased content. In doing so, we have created the possibility to improve the properties with natural fillers. Contact us for more information about the possibilities for your application.

Personal care

We supply products that are widely used in personal care products. From make-up remover and soap to bath oils and products for intimate hygiene. Our exceptional lactylate ester emulsifiers from Rita Corp and very pure Aloe Vera gels from Aloe Corp, among others, offer the desired functionality for your personal care products.

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