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Will & Co supplies a broad portfolio of high-quality technical plastics and additives. As an example, in collaboration with our partners, we contributed to the development of optimal packaging material in injection moulding and extrusion industries.

We also supply both bio-based and biodegradable compounds. As a knowledge partner, we also support producers and compounding companies in the development of new recipes and products; from the design phase to the production process.

Product Groups

Engineering plastics

Will & Co supplies both standard and custom-made engineering plastic compounds in combination with glass fibres, glass pellets and mineral fillers. The compounds are flame retarded, impact modified, heat stabilized, resistant to hydrolysis and UV stabilized. Many other modifications are possible up request.


Will & Co offers a wide range of elastomers such as TPV, TPO, TPC-ET, TPU and silicone elastomers. These elastomers are used as modifiers or as a base polymer in, for example, the production of ear tags, 3D filaments, shoes, cable & wire and various applications in the automotive industry.

Additives masterbatches

Additives masterbatches are used in various applications. Will & Co supplies additives masterbatches for various functions including anti-block, anti-static, anti-fog, anti-drip, UV stabilisers – absorbers and blockers, foaming agents, processing aids, impact modifiers, nucleating agents and flame retardants.

Colour masterbatches

Besides all colour masterbatches with short lead time and excellent quality. We also do black and white batches.


ADMER® adhesive resin is a modified polyolefine with functional groups, specially designed to bind to various polyolefins, ionomers, polyamides, ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH), PET, polycarbonates, polystyrene, metals, wood, fillers and glass fibres. Adhesive resins are also known as polymer adhesives, tie layer resins, glue for multilayer film, reactive impact modifiers and the like.

Impact resistance enhancer

As Will & Co, we supply various types of impact modifiers for injection moulding, film, foil, bottle and profile extrusion and compounders of engineering plastics. The systems we supply include elastomers (SBS, TPV, TPU, TPC-ET, TPO, etc.), reactive impact modifiers and core-shell rubbers based on MBS and Acrylic for many applications in different plastics. Contact our specialist for the best option for your application.

Purging & start/stop compounds

Purging compounds are used, among other things, to shorten colour- and material changes in extrusion, injection moulding and compounding. The use of cleaning compounds significantly reduces the amount of time and amount of purging material needed, often up to 75%. We also supply special start/stop compounds to prevent the formation of black specs and off-spec material during stopping and starting production lines.

Additives for compounding

We supply fibreglass (both chopped & rovings), halogen-free flame retardants, many chemistries of plasticizers, impact modifiers such as core-shell rubbers (MBS and acrylic), elastomers (TPV, TPO, TPU, TPC-ET, PBS and SBS), antioxidants, UV stabilizers/absorbers as well as various concentrated masterbatches with stabilizers, process aids and UV batches. We also supply various engineering plastics such as polyketone (PK), polymethylpentene (PMP aka TPX), polyamides (PA6 & PA66) and much more.

Larry De Kleine

Larry de Kleine

Plastics & Additives

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