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Will & Co represents a large number of European producers who each produce high-quality functional raw materials and additives. Because we have access through a broad package of raw materials, like plasticizers, flame retardants and binders, combined with the knowledge of formulations, we are able to come up with tailor-made formulations for our customers together with our partners.


In the Rigid PVC market, for example, we represent one of the world leaders in the field of MBS and Acrylic Impact modifiers and acrylic processing aids. These products are used for an adjustment of impact resistance, processability, transparency, flame retardancy and weather resistance of PVC.

Product Groups

Flame retardants

Flame retardants play an important role in fire prevention. Flame retardants not only prevent fires from starting but if a fire does occur, they slow down the spread of the fire. Lanxess offers one of the world’s most comprehensive flame retardant portfolios, supported by a global network of sales and technical experience and expertise. Our product portfolio high-performing phosphorus and brominated flame retardants include the product lines Disflamoll®, Uniplex and Levagard®.

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For flexible PVC, we offer a wide range of Plasticizers, among others general purpose like DINP, DOTP DINCH etc. and speciality plasticizers like TOTM, DOA, Elatur DPT etc and biobased plasticizers. For flexible PVC, we have a wide range of plasticizers such as DINP, DOTP, DINCH etc. We also have a product range of plasticizers with specific properties that are, for example, resistant to higher or lower temperatures, suitable for medical applications or for controlling the viscosity. These are plasticizers such as TOTM, DOA, 3G8, ESBO and fast fusers like ELATUR DPT and Mesamoll®.

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MBS & acrylic impact modifiers

The Kane Ace™ all-acrylic impact modifier portfolio has grown to become the market’s best-performing series for outdoor, durable PVC applications. This leading role is thanks to its remarkable combination of impact performance, gloss properties and excellent weatherability, resulting in an outstanding cost-performance ratio. Typical applications are window profiles, sidings, pipes, furniture sheets. The optimized Kane Ace™ MBS impact modifier range is tailor-made for the specific needs for rigid and semi-rigid indoor PVC applications, whether the requirement is extreme impact resistance or guaranteed high transparency. Typical applications are for example sheets, food-packaging film, bottles, blister packs, pipes and fittings.

Processing aids

The Kane Ace™ processing aids are additives, which strongly improve the processability of PVC compounds, providing enhanced control over the PVC melt flow. They are used in a wide variety of applications, such as profiles, film & sheets, bottles, foamed PVC, pipes and injection-moulded PVC.

Bonding agents

Bonding Agents are reactive systems that improve the adhesion and bond strength of flexible PVC coatings on polyester and polyamide fabrics. The high performance, reactive, phthalate- and solvent-free one-component bonding agent used to improve the adhesion of PVC plastisol coatings to substrates made of polyester or polyamide. The Bonding Agent series have a moderate viscosity and therefore easy to handle during processing.


Metaflake is a leading supplier of aluminium pigments and pellets for the plastic masterbatch and moulding industries. A full range of particle sizes is available in both paste and pellet form to enable the widest possible application. From fine, high levels of opaqueness to coarse, sparkling effects. Certain types can also be supplied in dry powder form. We also can deliver products of organic and inorganic pigments based on different chemistries. Our business partner Black Diamond offers a high-quality carbon black powder.

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