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PVC is one of the most widely used plastics worldwide. Its popularity is due to its outstanding properties, such as, chemical resistance, electrical insulation, mechanical strength, and weatherability. PVC’s relevance and significance in modern applications cannot be overstated. In addition to its low cost and recyclability, its versatility and the ability to incorporate various additives like flame retardants, bonding agents, plasticizers and impact modifiers have led to its extensive use across multiple industries. The ability to tailor PVC to meet specific requirements makes it invaluable in numerous applications. To help meet these requirements, Will & Co offers a variety of Plasticizers, Flame Retardants, Bonding Agents, Impact Modifiers, Processing Aids and Lubricating Agents for PVC materials.

Product Groups

Processing Aids & Lubricating Agents

PVC can present challenges during processing due to its high viscosity and inherent thermal stability. Processing aids play a vital role in overcoming these challenges, optimizing PVC processing, such as improving melt flow, and enhancing the quality of the final product.

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  • Standard molecular weight processing aids
  • High molecular weight processing aids
  • Ultra high molecular weight processing aids
  • Lubricant type processing aids

Impact Modifiers

Impact modifiers play a critical role in improving the toughness of PVC, making it more durable and resistant to cracking or breaking under external forces. They are indispensable additives in PVC formulations and offer enhanced impact resistance, increased durability, versatility and improved processability. The use of impact modifiers ensures that PVC-based products can withstand mechanical stresses and external impacts.

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Bonding Agents

Bonding agents improve the adhesion and bonding of PVC with other materials or substrates. The ability of PVC to form strong and reliable bonds with other materials is desired for a wide range of applications. It must therefore be certain that the performance and integrity of the final product is ensured.

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  • n-butyl acetate
  • DINP
  • Mesamoll
  • INB

Flame Retardants

Using flame retardants in PVC is key to enhancing the fire safety and overall performance of PVC-based products across various industries.

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  • Flame retardant Plasticizers (CDP, TCP, TPP, DPO, TOF, RDP, TBPP)
  • Liquid flame retardants (TCPP, TEP, DMPP)
  • Solid flame retardants (APP, PENTA, MP, MPP, Zinc Borate, Brominated, and Halogen-free)
  • And more


PVC is a thermoplastic polymer that is naturally rigid and brittle in its unmodified form. Through the addition of plasticizers, however, the properties of PVC can be tailored to suit a wide range of applications, enhancing its flexibility and workability, its thoughness and impact resistance, its insulation properties and, with certain plasticizers, even its eco-friendliness.

  • Phtalates (DINP) - cost effectiveness, flexibility and durability; general purpose
  • Adipates (DOA) - low-temperature flexibility
  • Alkylsuflonates - solvating properties, increased processability; fast-burning; FOA
  • Benzoates (mesamoll) - flexibility, low volatility and heat stability;
  • Carboxylates (DINCH) - bio-based, environmentally friendly
  • Citrates (ATBC) - FDA
  • Glyceryl Esters / Glycerols (acetate and triacetate) - bio-degradable and non-toxic
  • Phosphates (DBP, TnBP, TiBP, DEHPA) - flame retardant
  • Sebacates (DBS, DOS, DIDS) - low-temperature flexibility
  • Succinates (ESBO) – Bio-Based, good migration resistance and low-temperature performance
  • Sulfonamides (BBSA) - low volatility and heat stability
  • Terephthalates (DOTP, DBT) - high resistance to extraction and migration
  • Trimellitates (TOTM, Elatur TM) - high temperature resistance
  • Polymeric Plasticizers (Adipic Polyester (different viscosities)) - improved permanence and reduced migration

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