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Our story

A household name since 1924

Since 1924 we have been responsible for (international) marketing, logistics and distribution of chemicals, high-quality raw materials and food ingredients. In addition to commodities, Will & Co is increasingly focusing on specialisations, such as organic and plant-based products.

We believe in progress through knowledge development. We make this possible through close cooperation with the right innovative partners for supply and product development. Together with them, we have been making an active contribution to the progress of various industries for almost a century, ranging from bio-based chemicals to food items. We distinguish ourselves in the market with our focus on sustainable relationships, long-term knowledge and an exclusive network of cooperation partners. Thanks to our specialist product and market knowledge (local and international), we act as a knowledge partner for our customers and suppliers in almost every industry.

We are also good in logistics. Our office staff will arrange all logistics, from our producer to your final destination, anywhere in the world.

Why choose Will & Co?

Customers and suppliers indicate that they appreciate us because of our:

  • specialist knowledge of products and markets
  • personal and loyal relationship with our professional partners
  • intensive and long-term cooperation with internationally renowned partners

What are you waiting for? Benefit from our knowledge, expertise and network. Call us for a noncommittal consultation about the product solution that you are looking for.