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Service, quality, safety and sustainability

At Will & Co, we choose to contribute to advance the progress of multiples. We therefore choose eleven partners with care and have intensive contact with them about all aspects of the supply chain, from production to solution. This requires a responsible approach to themes such as service, quality, safety and sustainability. We are aware of our important role in society and environmental improvement. Will & Co complies with a number of important regulations and regulations to maintain service, quality, safety and durability.


In order to guarantee service & quality, Will & Co has been certified according to ISO9001:2015. It is a way to manage, control and improve processes on a daily basis. This certification forms a transparent confirmation of our reliability in the areas of customer focus, involvement, process approach and relationship management, among other things. It underlines that we say what we do, do what we say and that we actually prove this in our daily work. In addition, all our products have a safety data sheet. You can request these safety data sheets from us at Download our certificate

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Will & Co follows the guidelines of REACH. This European regulation was introduced in 2007 and stands for Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals. REACH offers a legal framework for the handling of chemicals in an optimal way. The purpose of this European law is to limit and regulate the risks of chemical substances to people and the environment, thereby promoting sustainability. REACH also regulates the safe use of chemical products at the user level. Thanks to our dedication to REACH, we continuously monitor developments in this area.


Responsible Care

We subscribe to the Responsible Care program of the Dutch Association of Chemical Traders (VHCP). This is a worldwide initiative by the chemical sector, which aims to continuously improve safety, health and environmental performance. How we deal with the environment has become a prominent theme in this regard. But process safety, working conditions, transport and chain management are also strictly observed within Will & Co.

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