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Will & Co provides companies in the polyurethane industry with essential building blocks in polyurethane formulations. We exclusively co-operate with long-term suppliers with whom we have built a strong relationship. Through this, we ensure stability in quality and support during the whole process: from orientation to delivery.

Our product range includes a broad range of polyester polyols, polyether polyols, chain extenders, catalysts and various cleaning agents applicable in casting elastomers, PU flexible foam, PU hard foam, PU dispersions, PU adhesives and footwear. Explore the products that we have our portfolio.

Product Groups

Polyether polyol

For our partner Hyosung TNC Corporation (South Korea), we supply polytetrahydrofuran (PTMEG CAS 25190-06-1). PTMEG is short for (Poly Tetra Methylene Ether Glycol) and is the product of polymerization of THF. Different molecular weights lead to different chain sizes, which gives different OH values and influences the properties of the final product. This poly-THF is functioning as the soft and flexible segment in its final product.

Polyester polyol

Polyols are broadly used as a building block in the polyurethane industry. We represent Nord Composites Italia Srl for their polyester polyols Adicrol and Adisol. Their product range consists of polyester polyols for elastomers, TPU, footwear systems, rigid foam, flexible foam, polyurethane dispersions (PUD’s), polyurethane adhesives and pigment pastes.

Chain extenders

Chain extenders Since 2006 we supply 1,4-butanediol (CAS 110-63-4) on behalf of International Diol company part of Sipchem in Saudi Arabia. Having tank storage on the European mainland, we have become a settled and strategic supplier of 1,4-butanediol with a stable availability.


Reaxis, based in the USA, is a manufacturer of catalysts based on tin, bismuth and zinc. These catalysts can be used in different applications in the production of resins, polyols, polyurethane and polyurethane systems.

Cleaning agents Mesamoll®

In the different production processes of polyurethane, cleaning agents are required to preserve and clean equipment, machinery, moulds and tools. For equipment/machinery cleaning and preserving machinery when it is (temporary) taken out of use, we sell Mesamoll®, an alkane sulfonic acid ester, on behalf of Lanxess GmbH Germany. Mesamoll® is compatible with polyurethane and therefore easy to apply and in some cases prescribed by manufacturers of machinery.

Cleanings agents Tamisolve™NxG

For many other cleaning processes, strong solvents are required. Many of these solvents are currently being phased out since they are reprotoxic or harmful to people and the environment. As a replacement for these kinds of solvents like methylene chloride, NMP (CAS 872-50-4), NEP, DMSO and DMF, we have an alternative: Tamisolve™NxG (CAS 3470-98-2) produced by Eastman. Tamisolve™NxG is a friendly, non-reprotoxic, bipolar solvent that is already replacing a lot the traditionally used solvents with our customers.

Pigment pasta’s

For pigments and pigment pastes we represent DCL Corporation in Canada, who offer a broad range of products and colours. In this range we offer pigments pastes based on polyols, making them suitable for polyurethane formulations.

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